b.yond blue women office
b.yond blue women office

Introducing b.yond

b.yond is the engine room of innovation for financial technology

byond white label banking app

About b.yond

Create, innovate, enable

b.yond is a turnkey financial innovation platform created by combining the expertise of trusted and proven organisations.

b.yond enables fintechs and digital banks to go to market quickly and simply with a white-label solution. Demonstrate and test your POC, without compromising on the quality of your value proposition.

b.yond is better banking for all.

b.yond range

b.yond allows you to launch a number of cards and wallet accounts in an MVP capacity.

Choose from a range of options regarding:
• Scheme connectivity on debit and prepaid rails
• BIN sponsorship – UK and Europe
• White-label options
• Accelerated card manufacturing
• Off the shelf app with slick UX
• User on-boarding with full KYC
• Funds loading and payout in UK & Europe

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b.yond ecosystem business men

b.yond ecosystem

Accelerated MVP launchpad

Making the complex simple with
one contract + one ecosystem

b.yond eliminates the complexities associated with launching a payment value proposition with speed to market by providing one aggregated service offering and one simplified commercial agreement.

You also benefit from working with the organisations leading the Fintech revolution.

b.yond ecosystem diagram

Less than 8 weeks
Project b.yond team is driving an
MVP accelerated launchpad to the market


Digital banking across all your devices

b.yond multi platform

b.yond is optimised to enable clarity of transactions ensuring you’re always in control.

b.yond delivers a digital banking platform across all devices. You can shape your customer experience with the knowledge that your design will be received as intended and that your users will have access to LaunchPad on their computer (web app), smart phone (mobile app) or tablet (responsive web app). Our system ensures the customer receives the rich experience you intended them to have using intuitive interfaces and native design.


Enhance the user experience

  • b.yond features card control

    Card control

    b.yond gives the control to the customer. They can block and unblock their cards should they lose it, manage balances, set savings goals and manage the links between cards.

  • b.yond features statements

    icon statements


    b.yond offers a full transaction set, covering even the most demanding customer’s needs. The digital wallet offers transaction history as well as search functionality.

  • b.yond features multi-fx

    multi fx

    Multi FX

    b.yond gives you the ability to deliver a compelling and transparent multi-currency customer proposition through the easy control of exchange rates.

  • b.yond features signup

    signup KYC

    Sign up & KYC

    b.yond takes KYC & AML compliance to new levels, using market leading technology to authenticate users whilst ensuring that a launchpad account can be opened in just a few minutes.

  • b.yond features account load

    account load

    Account Load

    Accounts can be topped up using many instant payment methods, such as debit, credit, PayPal or ApplePay, quickly and conveniently.

  • b.yond physical & virtual card

    physical & virtual cards

    Physical & Virtual Cards

    Virtual cards and wallets are at the heart of many cutting edge innovations in the payment space. b.yond can supply physical, virtual products or both.

  • b.yond features P2P transfer

    p2p transfer

    P2P transfer

    b.yond enables all users, from individuals to corporate customers to transfer their funds in real-time globally, conveniently and securely to other b.yond users.

  • b.yond agency banking

    agency banking

    Agency Banking

    b.yond enables real time banking features such as Faster Payments and SEPA so users can conveniently and securely carry out day to day transactions in real time.


Additional features

  • alert notification

    Alert notification

    Set alerts to enable easier monitoring, control and optimisation of your fund. Set controls to monitor and manage spend.

  • tokenisation


    b.yond supports all of the major mobile wallet brands and can facilitate enablement of a bespoke HCE wallet that links into the Visa Tokenisation Service (VTS).

  • multi language

    Multi language

    We speak your language, but not all your customers do. Our multi-language module adapts the language to the location to ensure your customers have a clear understanding of your product.

  • chat support

    Chat Support

    Customers expectation is for instant responses, especially when dealing with a financial services product. In order to make the customers life easier, we have created a live chat module which means you can be in contact with your customers at all times.

  • rewards & cash-back

    Rewards & Cash-back

    Customers like to be rewarded, but they also like to know the current value of their rewards and how to redeem them. This module integrates your rewards and cashback programs whilst keeping the end user up to date on the value of their rewards and how to redeem them.

  • savings pot

    Savings Pots

    Users enjoy the ability to jam jar funds, set a central goal or just put money away for a rainy day. Our Savings Pot shows a clear illustration of funds held and encourages healthy financial behaviours.

Control centre

Monitor and track performance

b.yond’s analytics suite gives you a clear vision of your product’s performance and your customer’s behaviour. Real-time analytics give you an immediate view, with the flexibility to adapt and move digital data to enhance product performance.

b.yond bankvault

Premium Plans

Scale your launch

  • Starter | 100 cards

    • b.yond Mobile/Web Apps
    • Card Wallet Top-Up*
    • Free transactions*
    • Card Management
    • Spending Analytics, Filters and Controls
    (incl. Real-time dashboards)
    • SMS Device Verification*
    • (e)KYC and AML checks*
    • Fraud Detection/Prevention

  • Professional | 500 cards

    All the features of Starter plan (+)
    • FasterPayments/SEPA Top-Up*
    • Card PIN Selection
    • PSD2 Compliant 2-factor Authentication
    • Multi-Language

  • Advanced | 1000 cards

    All the features of Starter and Professional plans (+)
    • ApplePay/GooglePay Top-Up*
    • Free ATM withdrawl*
    • Free International Transactions
    • Peer-2-Peer Transfer
    • Multi-FX*
    • ApplePay/GooglePay Wallet Integration
    • Chat Function
    • Widgets (inld. Nearest ATM and Forex rates)

  • Ultimate | 3000 cards

    All the features of Starter, Professional and Advanced plans (+)
    • Expense Management – Claimant
    • Expense Management – Approver/Admin
    • Product training
    • Advanced integrations

Wearables and Branded Mobile/Web Apps are available as optional extras
*Subject to limits. All plans are subject to minimum contract terms of 6 months


b.yond, the financial innovation platform

byond version 1

Signup & KYC

P2P transfer

Card control

Agency Banking

Physical & Virtual cards


Alert notification

byond version 2
account load

Account load

multi fx

Multi FX

chat support

Chat Support

savings pot

Savings Pots



byond version 3

Multi language

Rewards & Cash-back


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