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Our mission

It’s our goal to help great companies grow faster. To be value added partners to the teams we work with.

And we don’t just sit on the sidelines. We’re hands on operators, working constantly to make a real difference to the companies with whom we partner.

Go International

New markets mean faster revenue growth. Our track record of internationalising businesses shows we know how to penetrate lucrative new markets.

Our experience makes light work of the scaling process, helping companies adjust seamlessly to operating internationally. With international networks, we are uniquely placed to help UK & European companies succeed in that market.


Expand Your Reach. Organic growth is great. But we know it's not the only way forward. Where appropriate, we can help manage intelligent mergers and acquisitions that can enhance the offering to customers, and help access new markets.

Harness Data

Data sits firmly at the heart of our approach to value creation.

Whether it enhances process automation or leverages unique data sets to create new product – using data intelligently can drive significant growth. We are at heart entrepreneurs and business-builders. Directed entirely towards growth, our team benefits from diverse backgrounds spanning finance and law to consulting and software engineering. So between us, we know what it takes to succeed not only as business owners, but as business strategists and builders too.

Optimise Sales

We know first-hand that targeted sales and marketing strategies catalyse results. Our experience building dedicated sales and marketing teams, and empowering them with the use of technology, have boosted our partners’ sales dramatically. We also have a strong track record with brand development – changing the way companies communicate and build their value, both online and offline.

Embrace Data

Talent is always vital to success. At least, that's what we believe at b.yond.

And so, we make shrewd recruitment a priority. Accordingly, our team boasts a distinguished network across all of our industries, connecting us to some of the best emerging and established talent.

We work across a handful of core sectors where we have deep investment and operational expertise.

Time and again we’ve helped companies achieve more - hitting ambitious target by enhancing their capabilities.

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