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Our mission

Strategically unleashing potential & cultivating financial growth, our investment advisory combines astute market insights with seasoned expertise.

Through our Acquisition Connections Exchange™ , we navigate opportunities, foster innovation, and optimize portfolios, delivering unparalleled returns for our clients. Trusted to shape financial success with precision and vision

Our Purpose

As strategic partners, we’re entrepreneurs at heart, partnering with founders, investors and industry bodies to create sustainable and resilient businesses that enjoy exceptional growth. Sharing our history, our vision, our knowledge and our strength - the b.yond team.

Our Vision

We’ve had a “sleeves rolled up” approach to business from day one.

And this embodied our vision: to invest something more than just capital.

Our People

After many successful years within the Payments and Fintech industry, we know precisely where our strengths lie. It’s clear: people and network are our greatest assets.

We are at heart entrepreneurs and business-builders. Directed entirely towards growth, our team benefits from diverse backgrounds spanning finance and law to consulting and software engineering. So between us, we know what it takes to succeed not only as business owners, but as business strategists and builders too.


OUR four-stage Approach

Stage 1


Develop a proposal for acquiring party to secure their support and financial backing for Stage One

Stage 2


Design a project outline and get it agreed by acquiring party and Founding Team



Pre-due diligence assessment against needs criteria of acquiring party



Launch due diligence and transaction closing process

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